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New Nordic Spirits from the founders of Bittermens

Bittermens is at the forefront of the cocktail bitters renaissance. In 2007, Bittermens started down a path that ended up with them becoming the first independent bitters producer since prohibition.

In 2012, Bittermens co-founder Avery Glasser saw the need to protect endangered bitter spirits – either the last commercial distilleries were in jeopardy of closing or the current versions of the spirit were pale comparisons of the original formulas from the days before industrial modernization. His goal? To keep these classic flavors alive by producing a new line of spirits that re-created formulas that evoked these endangered products.

“To understand the history of cocktails, we need to recreate the liqueurs and spirits that have changed in the modern era. To protect the future of cocktails, we need to ensure that we don’t lose diversity with the extinction of local traditional spirits.”
— Avery Glasser 


Bäska Snaps med Malört

Throughout Scandinavia, families take high proof aquavit and combine it with bitter herbs to create “besk schnaps” or bitter schnapps. Served throughout the winter holidays, this spirit is warming and bitter – a perfect winter wake-up.

Unfortunately, due to EU regulations, there are very few commercial producers of bitter schnapps left. Even worse, the main producer has been acquired by a multinational conglomerate and its future is in jeopardy. Bäska Snaps is a classically produced bitter schnapps in the true Scandinavian tradition. More information can be found at http://baskasnaps.com.

DALA Spirits Product
Formulated by: Avery Glasser
40% ABV
Bottle Format: 1L (USA) 500ml (Europe/Canada)


Genever and Aquavit work well together in a cocktail – the caraway from the Aquavit and the malt of the Genever combine to make an extraordinarily crisp yet remarkably rye-whisky like flavor profile. We took inspiration from both to create the first malted aquavit: Solståndet, named for the spring solstice.

DALA Spirits Product
Formulated by: Avery Glasser
47.5% ABV
Bottle Format: 1L (USA) 500ml (Europe/Canada)

Salmiakki Dala

Scandinavians are so in love with Salmiak candies that they have been known to drop a handful into a bottle of aquavit or vodka to make a bitter salty licorice liqueur.

With that in mind, we set out to create a liqueur that takes the salmiak flavor profile and merges it with a classic Fernet to create a new bitter that is familiar for lovers of Fernet and Scandinavians as well!

DALA Spirits Product
Formulated by: Avery Glasser
38% ABV
Bottle Format: 1L (USA) 500ml (Europe)

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