Genepi Guillaumette

Distiller: Thomas Bernard-Reymond
Location: Le Village d’Orcières, France
Website: Guillaumette

Thomas Bernard-Reymond carries on the tradition of distilling using his grandfather’s recipes. After he graduated from university, he decided to move back to the beautiful mountain valley where his family comes from so he could run the family inn and start a traditional Genepi business.

Thomas is one of the few producers to have a permit to pick Genepi flowers within the protected Écrins National Park. He picks the Genepi flowers himself, by hand, supplementing his harvest with a smaller amount he grows himself near his distillery. Based on the harvest, he produces a small amount in the spring and fall, selling to gourmet shops and specialty spirit shops. Though larger distributors and supermarkets have expressed interest, he chooses to stay small and focus on the retailers who understand the passion he puts behind his products.

“With Vendetta, I could say I am exporting to the USA without it meaning that I sold my soul.”


Génépi Guillaumette

Génépi is an alpine flower that is used in the base of many herbal aperitif/digistif liqueurs including, we suspect, Chartreuse. Buttery like chamomile and bitter like wormwood, it is complex and refreshing at the same time. Though we love it on its own, it can easily work its way into cocktails as it works beautifully with gin and does amazing things when paired with tequila.

45% ABV
Annual Production: 5500 liters
Vendetta Allocation: 1000 liters
Bottle Format: 375ml
Deliveries: 500 liters, twice a year (in spring and fall)


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