Jensen’s Bermondsey Gin

Formulator: Christian Jensen
Location: London, UK
Website: Bermondsey Gin

While living in Tokyo, Christian Jensen was introduced to a gin that he absolutely fell in love with. When he found out that it was no longer in production, he became a man with a mission – digging through public records archives until he stumbled upon a distiller’s document that contained the recipe for the now defunct gin.

Using that as a template, he worked with the team at Thames Distillers to reproduce this lost product – using bottles that he found at auction to compare against. After a dozen or more tries, he found a recipe that exactly matched this classic London Dry Gin. What started as a hobbyist project grew and his gins are now gaining extremely high praise from industry publications, including a 5+/5 review from Simon Difford’s Class Magazine.


Bermondsey Dry Gin

A perfect dry gin, using a botanical list plucked from an 1800s recipe. Clean and absolutely perfect for a Martini. Class Magazine gave it a 5+/5.

43% ABV
Bottle Format: 750ml

Old Tom

When it comes to Old Tom gins, we think that Christian finally found the solution to the age old disconnect. Old Tom gins were typically described as being sweeter than dry gins, but this was during a time period when sugar was at a premium – so the sweetness must have come from a different source. The answer? Licorice – a standard component in gins from the 1800s. True black licorice contains glycyrrhizin, a component that is more than 30 times sweeter than table sugar. By increasing the botanicals, he has increased the sweetness, creating a perfect gin for a martinez or collins…

43% ABV
Bottle Format: 750ml

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