Producers: William and John Borrell
Location: Główczyce, Poland and London, UK
Website: Vestal Vodka Limited

From the Vestal website:

The Vestal Vodka Company is a father and son enterprise.

It came about because one day they asked themselves why vodka wasn’t more like wine, something that John, the father part of the team, tells people he knows quite a lot about (www.wine-express.pl).

After all different grape varieties have their own very specific characteristics when turned into wine. The quality and taste also depend on what the French call terroir, the where, when and how of it all. So why do all pure potato vodkas taste more or less the same when there are hundreds of different potato varieties and lots of different soils and conditions in which they are grown? The simple and quick answer is that while winemaking is still essentially artisanal, vodka production is industrial.

After producing four different vintages from potatoes grown in different parts of Poland we now know that potato variety, terroir and the way you distill it all make a huge difference to the aroma and taste. They think that quite a lot of people will like the natural, pure and different tastes we are coaxing from our potatoes.

William, the son, you’ll find in London and ever ready to do a tasting or organize an event. John the father, lives permanently in Poland and worries about the weather and potato crops and exactly how the next vintage is going to taste. You can find him at Kania Lodge –www.kanialodge.com.pl – which the New York Wine Spectator says has one of the finest restaurant wine lists in the world. And, John says immodestly, the most interesting vodkas


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