A small producer of liqueurs and spirits
supporting small producers of liqueurs and spirits

In 2007, Bittermens was founded as a platform to create non-beverage alcohol products, with the sole purpose of creating new flavors of cocktail bitters and extracts. In 2011, the Bittermens vision expanded to include a portfolio of bitter liqueurs. To launch these products, Bittermens needed to develop a domestic (and international) network of distributors who knew how to work with niche products that, though they may not sell as well as a mass-produced flavored vodka, are the heart and soul of the cocktail world. Through friends in the industry, Bittermens gained access to bonded warehouses, bottling facilities and everything else needed to launch their liqueurs.

The Bittermens liqueurs are re-interpretations of the classic products found all throughout the European countryside. These farmhouse and small family liqueurs are bold, vibrant and speak to the terroir of where they are produced.

Unfortunately, these producers are endangered species. Large distilleries have created a market where these distilleries can’t compete or even gain distribution within their own home countries. With few options, many sell their recipes to be produced under license, are acquired or simply close down.

Avery and Janet Glasser, founders of Bittermens, knew that if they didn’t do something, they would lose the historical heart and soul of the liqueur and spirits world. Together with attorney Mayur Subbarao, they founded Vendetta Spirits, LLC.

Vendetta Spirits is pioneering what they call “nano-importing”.

First, the team figures out how much product these small distilleries can reasonably make available for export on a one-time or regular basis. Based on that, they make a plan to see which states/territories make the most sense to launch in. The team then talks to our domestic distribution partners and ensure that the products are a good fit.

If we all agree on the distribution plan, Vendetta Spirits takes on the task of ensuring that their products are legal to sell in the USA. They work with the distilleries on label design and as the importer of record, they handle the formula and label registration. Once federally registered, Vendetta Spirits registers the brands in the appropriate states.

Once registration is finished, Vendetta Spirits arranges to pick up product from thee small producers and consolidate them at one of our export points. Since the USA requires 375 or 750ml bottles, they can help source appropriate bottles or even import in bulk containers and bottle and label once the product arrives in the USA.

Vendetta Spirits then stores the product in one of our warehouses as they prepare shipments to our distributors and, of course, wire payment to the producers.

This is basically the same process that any distributor goes through, but at a much smaller scale.

Where most boutique spirits importers are looking to bring in hundreds or thousands of cases to make it “worth their time”, Vendetta Spirits can scale as small as 20 cases of product (90 liters) as we consolidate many products onto a single pallet for shipping. Though this isn’t nearly as profitable as shipping full container-loads of spirits, they know that many small producers wouldn’t be able to afford to produce even a pallet’s worth of product without putting them under undue financial stress.

Nano-importing is our investment in the ongoing survival of small, traditional producers of liqueurs and spirits.

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